Colour-Your-Own Mag-Marks® have been re-launched, with some new designs, printed on unvarnished card – perfect for pencil crayons, kokis and even wax crayons.

Featuring the same tried and tested magnetic bookmark features, these products will provide hours of colouring fun for kids. The end product clips over the page, and it won’t fall out.

These Mag-Marks® are available in packs of 4 mixed designs, with a small box of crayons. They are the ideal, ready-to-go item for:

  • Outings
  • Journeys
  • Stocking fillers
  • Party packs
  • Prizes at school or home
  • Gifts for overseas

Special rates available for retailers in outlets such as:

  • Toy shops
  • Museums
  • Restaurants & tea gardens
  • Bookshops
  • Petrol station outlets
  • Animal parks
  • Curio shops
  • Party shops
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